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Our sponsorship blog focuses on three primary topics: sponsorship insights and the tips of the trade; sponsorship news and comments on innovation and deals that deserve discussion; and sponsorship sales because selling is a skill. We discuss best practices in sponsorship.

Sponsors for Virtual Events

The Key To Scoring Virtual Event Sponsorships

The Key To Scoring Virtual Event Sponsorships A Fireside Chat with The Vendry  Tuesday, November 10, 20202 PM ET / 11 AM PT   Moderator: Hannah Foley   Guests: Karen Hartline, Alecia May, Larry Weil, Keneisha Williams    Overview: The positives of virtual events are apparent – access to a broader audience, cost savings (in some areas!), and a huge increase in…

Sponsorship Selling Email Dos and Don'ts

Sponsorship Tactics: Email Do’s and Don’ts

In this video, I talk about email etiquette and why it can single handedly affect the success of your pitch to sponsors.

Getting Past Gatekeepers to Reach Sponsorship Decision Makers

Getting Past Gatekeepers to Reach Sponsorship Decision Makers

One of the most important things that people forget is that there’s some sales skill required in reaching sponsorship decision makers.

Sponsorship Package Strategy

Sponsor Bundle Strategy: Gold, Silver and Bronze are Dead

The typical sponsor packages usually come in bundles, such as gold, silver, bronze. However, there is an issue with this. It is not customized. People do a lot of business through the internet and they want things that are customized. Similarly, sponsorship packages should be put together more based on customization. One of the things that I use is called…

How Best to Monetize Your Online Event

How Best to Monetize Your Online Event

This post was originally published on the Corporate Meetings Network. Read the original post here. Written by Clare Tattersall Now almost six months into the worldwide pandemic, most businesses have pivoted from in-person gatherings to virtual events. But despite more people than ever using online platforms, companies continue to struggle with monetization, which may be essential to their survival amid the…

Sponsor Recap

Sponsorship Terminology: The Recap

When you get to the end of your sponsorship, what you want to do is get in front of your sponsor with a recap of what you provided. It’s important because it lets the sponsor know that you’re interested in how they did. Then to open the conversation about the next sponsorship opportunity, or you might find out that they…

Sponsorship Valuation

Sponsorship Terminology: Valuation

Valuation is when you attempt to determine how much should a sponsor pay for the sponsorship. Valuation and sponsorship tends to be where you roll up everything. The activations, benefits, the website, the views, all of these kinds of things get added up and then put into a quote valuation. This is not the same for every sponsor. Understanding the…

Sponsorship Pitch Deck

Sponsorship Terminology: The Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is your presentation and it is typically a summary of what you’re offering. It provides an introduction to who you are and what you’re about, and then offers some kind of an opportunity to connect and collaborate and is hopefully supported with a lot of data. The simple thing to say about pitch decks is don’t send…

Do you know the difference between sponsorship and fundraising?

Do you know the difference between sponsorship and fundraising?

Sponsorship in general is a relationship, similar to advertising. The sponsor has an expectation of some kind of commercial return, such as generating new business, brand recognition, or another measurable result. There is a primary element of access to the audience. Fundraising is more about identifying and giving to causes that people care about. Understanding this difference will impact how…

Sponsorship Terminology: Activation, Assets & Inventory

Sponsorship Terminology: Activation, Assets & Inventory

Let’s say you have a sponsor. So, what are you going to do? In the old days you had a live event. You know, they’re going to be able to speak to the people attending the event, maybe collect some information, do a presentation. And so on. Now in the virtual world, it’s the same kind of thing. What kind…

8 Easy Tips to Improve Your Virtual Meetings & Conferences

8 Easy Tips to Improve Your Virtual Meetings & Conferences

The tsunami of virtual conferences, webinars, video conference calls are wearing me out. I have been one of the loud voices encouraging my clients to go virtual and many companies are taking the change head on. But there are lots of problems. The production quality of many just are not particularly good: Have you ever dropped out of a video…

Generate Sponsorship and Revenue for Online and Virtual Events

PRESENTATION: Generate Sponsorship and Revenue for Online and Virtual Events

Two weeks ago I shared this brand new presentation with a small group of digital event experts. Now I am opening it up to my connections and subscribers. It is all about creating a place for the sponsors you had at your destination events and the sponsors you would like to add, as part of your virtual conferences and events. If…

Digital Events

Creating Sponsorship Revenue for Virtual Events

This post was originally published on the Eventbrite. Read the original post here.  In wake of the pandemic, many event brands are taking the steps to move online. Even if you’re one of the lucky creators who can pull it off and still make a profit, you may still wonder how to recoup sponsorship revenue from your live event.  There are…

The Sponsorship Guy’s Pro Tips for Effective Outreach

Pro Tips: Who is Your Sponsor Prospect?

During a conversation with a colleague recently, she brought up a point that I hadn’t heard considered before. That sponsors mostly don’t think of themselves as a “sponsor”. Their goal isn’t to sponsor something. Their goal is to find new customers, promote or sell their products, educate prospects and existing customers, create a buzz and many other objectives. As a…

Pile of Backpacks

Top 9 Reasons Digital Event Bags are More Sustainable and Efficient

Physical event bags are a hassle. We have all been there at one point or another – you and your colleagues assembled to stuffing those event bags with items that took you weeks to collect and that attendees may or may not want.  So much time wasted and if attendees don’t want the items in the bag, where does it…


Why I’m an Evangelist for Digital Sponsorship

Event sponsorship is an ultra-competitive business. Everyone says they want more sponsors. The truth is they want more money. Nothing wrong with that, it’s why we are all in the business. I hear from dozens of event producers every week who are looking for help. My first step in evaluating them as a potential client is to review their website,…

The New Mindset for Sponsorship Sales

The New Mindset for Sponsorship Sales

In this two minute clip Larry discusses the most effective approaches to making the kind of connection to prospects that will greatly improve your chances of making a sale.

Using Data to Grow and Sell Sponsorship

Using Data to Grow and Sell Sponsorship

Using data to grow sponsorship is often overlooked or improperly implemented. In this clip from my interview with Dan Kimball the Senior Vice President of Marketing at eventbrite.com headquarters in San Francisco we discuss tactics and trends for the successful use of data to influence and close sponsorship deals.