How to Write a Sponsorship Proposal-Part 2: Crafting the Proposal

How to Write a Proposal - Crafting the Proposal

In my last blog, I covered part 1 of writing a proposal, setting the foundation. Let’s take a deep dive into part 2 - crafting the actual proposal.

Section 4: Sponsorship Features and Benefits

Know the difference between a feature and a benefit. Be sure to describe how a given feature benefits the sponsor. Do not send out the same “Platinum, Gold, Silver” levels to everyone. Customize. If you feel it is needed you can offer a couple of options, but if you have spent time understanding their needs, you probably won’t need different levels. Clearly outline what sponsors will receive with each. This could include logo placement, social media shout-outs, VIP access, or exclusive branding opportunities. Make the benefits appealing and tailored to the sponsor's target audience.

Section 5: Showcase Past Successes

Provide evidence of your organization's track record and successful partnerships. Include testimonials, case studies, or relevant statistics that demonstrate the positive outcomes of previous sponsorships. This builds credibility and reassures potential sponsors that their investment will yield positive results.

Section 6: Budget and Financial Transparency

It may be especially important for nonprofit organizations to be transparent about your budget and how the sponsorship funds will be utilized. Break down the costs associated with your event or project, and clearly articulate how the sponsor's contribution will be allocated. Cause sponsors want to know that the money will flow through to the cause. Financial transparency builds trust and confidence in potential sponsors.

Next we will cover the last, and most important part of the proposal - sealing the deal.

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