Sponsorship Success: How to Effectively Market Your Event to Potential Sponsors

Sponsorship Success: How to Effectively Market Your Event to Potential Sponsors

Planning an event or conference is a large task, but without a solid marketing strategy, you are not going to secure the sponsors you had hoped for. Whether you’re organizing a corporate conference, music festival or charity gala, effective marketing is essential to bringing in both attendees and sponsors.

Before diving into marketing strategies, it’s important to understand your event itself and your target audience. Identify the event’s purpose, objectives and expected outcomes. Your event goals will guide your marketing efforts and allow you to speak with potential sponsors effectively.

In today’s digital age, a robust online presence is crucial for attracting sponsors. Ensure you have the following elements in place:


A dedicated event page which lists out everything an attendee would want to know plus areas to highlight sponsors is crucial.

Social Media

Sponsors want to see that you are shouting this event from the rooftops. Create a calendar and make sure you are posting consistently, posts could include videos, infographics and photos. You want a sponsor to be able to imagine themself at your event. Engaging with influencers and industry leaders could help boost your authority. Finally, when you secure a sponsor, announce it and link it to their social media page - give them credit!

Advertising Campaigns

Investing in online advertising to reach a wider audience could be worthwhile in attracting both attendees and sponsors. You could consider social media or search engine marketing campaigns.

Email and Newsletters

Build and maintain an accurate email list for targeted communication. Send regular updates and reminders. Sponsorship deadlines approaching? Let them know!


Blogs are great areas for longer forms of content. This content can be used to break down into smaller social media posts, emails, etc later on. But use your blog space to talk more about the event and all the happenings that attendees and sponsors will see. This would be an ideal spot to do write ups on sponsors and include it in your sponsorship package.

When it comes to creating content that will attract your ideal sponsorship, showcase how sponsors can align with your brand and the event experience. If this is an event you have done in the past, show how worthwhile a sponsorship is by showcasing success stories and testimonials from sponsors in the past. Finally, position your event as an industry authority. A potential sponsor wants to align themselves with events that are leaders in their arenas.

Remember, a thoughtful approach to event marketing and a well curated marketing plan, can elevate your event’s reputation, secure more sponsorships and ensure its long-term success.

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