1000 GrandMasters… Early Chess Literacy Program

Where Children Master Memory and Improve Critical Skills

1000 GrandMasters, a client of The Sponsorship Guy, is proud to introduce their groundbreaking Early Chess Literacy Initiative. This is an immersive chess experience for those in K-1 grade, where they are introduced to the world of chess in the confines of their school environment.

Starting in the San Francisco Bay area, 100 children from each participating elementary school will learn chess. Research has consistently demonstrated that children who embark on their chess journey from an early age not only elevate their reading level but also cultivate essential problem-solving and critical thinking skills, enhancing their concentration and memory.

1000 GrandMaster’s mission is to create the next generation of Chess Grandmasters while providing essential resources and opportunities to improve chess performance for both children and adults alike.

Sponsors have the opportunity to align their brand with this meaningful initiative, captivating the attention of parents with young children, educational leaders, and community partners alike. This partnership serves as a powerful conduit for brands to illuminate the path to chess literacy and community enrichment.

For complete information on how you can be part of these inspirational events, please contact Larry Weil at
[email protected]