1000 GrandMasters… Where Chess & Stem Are Intertwined

The Sponsorship Guy is pleased to welcome their newest client, 1000 GrandMasters.

The Sponsorship Guy has teamed up with 1000 GrandMasters (www.1000gm.org) to help secure sponsors who are interested in gaining early access to exceptional talent and future science and technology leaders.

1000 GrandMaster’s mission is to create the next generation of Chess Grandmasters while providing essential resources and opportunities to improve chess performance for both children and adults alike. The level of diligence each player possesses creates expertise in evaluating risk-reward scenarios, which will serve them well, particularly in STEM careers.

Hosting an impressive roster of dozens of tournaments annually, 1000 GrandMasters stands at the forefront of chess tournaments, attracting a diverse array of players and their families, all driven by the same goal: to empower and inspire. They are dedicated to removing financial barriers that stand between players and the game.

Sponsors have the unique opportunity to showcase their brand in front of dedicated parents, families and gifted masters of chess. These future leaders are passionate problem solvers who will be prepared for success in STEM. They will be recruited by elite universities and enter the world of tech, finance, business and healthcare. Their families, who are also in attendance, work at the top technology and finance firms in the country.

For complete information on how you can be part of these inspirational events, please contact Larry Weil at