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Our sponsorship blog focuses on three primary topics: sponsorship insights and the tips of the trade; sponsorship news and comments on innovation and deals that deserve discussion; and sponsorship sales because selling is a skill. We discuss best practices in sponsorship.

Sponsorship Success: How to Effectively Market Your Event to Potential Sponsors

Sponsorship Success: How to Effectively Market Your Event to Potential Sponsors

Planning an event or conference is a large task, but without a solid marketing strategy, you are not going to secure the sponsors you had hoped for. Whether you’re organizing a corporate conference, music festival or charity gala, effective marketing is essential to bringing in both attendees and sponsors. Before diving into marketing strategies, it’s important to understand your event…

The Untapped Potential of AI to Revolutionize Your Sponsorship Campaigns

The Untapped Potential of AI to Revolutionize Your Sponsorship Campaigns

If you read our last newsletter, you know that I am a fan of utilizing Artificial intelligence (AI) to drive business results. This month, I’d like to delve further into the untapped potential of AI to revolutionize your sponsorship campaigns. Imagine your analytics soaring and sponsors lining up, all by harnessing the power of AI. This topic is simply too…

3 Things Sponsors Want and How to Deliver Them

3 Things Every Sponsor Craves-And How to Deliver Them

Sponsorship is a powerful way for brands to connect with their target audience, increase brand awareness, and generate leads and sales. But not all sponsorships are created equal. To make the most of a sponsorship investment, savvy sponsors will consider three key factors: brand alignment, scale of the audience, and activation strategies and tactics that work. If you sell sponsorship,…

The Power of Data: Using AI to Improve Sponsorship ROI

The Power of Data: Using AI to Improve Sponsorship ROI

Sponsorship has taken on a new dimension with AI insights & predictions. Explore the power of data & how to improve sponsorship ROI with AI.

How to find and keep event sponsors

How to Find (and Keep!) Event Sponsors

Hosting an event can be a great way to bring people together and create memorable experiences, but it can also be a costly endeavor.

How to make sure your perfect sponsorship email actually gets delivered.

Your perfect email may never get delivered

You have worked hard to craft the perfect message to your potential sponsor. You never hear back and don’t know why. it could be that they never got it. In that case, your email deliverability needs some work.

Why do sponsor prospects keep delaying decisions?

Why do sponsor prospects keep delaying decisions?

In today’s fast-paced business world, time is of the essence. But when it comes to making sponsorship decisions, many companies find themselves taking their time to ensure they’re making the right choice. Why?

Sponsors will not fund your idea as an investor, they want access to your audience.

Think Sponsors will Fund your Idea? Think Again.

There are a ton of cool ideas out there. Many very bright people reach out to me with their concept thinking that a sponsor will provide them with the funds they need to launch their idea. Please wipe that idea from your thinking.

Media Champions Interview on Media Planning and Buying Tips

“Media Champions” Interview on Media Planning & Buying Tips

Larry Weil and the Daily Ad Brief discuss sponsorship and tips to plan, buy, traffic, analyze and report on sponsorship media.

What is Sponsorship? A Post-Pandemic Update

What is Sponsorship? A Post-Pandemic Update

If you have responsibility for your event sponsorship revenue, you have made major adjustments with a virtual environment.

Why You Need a Digital Event Bag for Your In-Person Event

Why You Need a Digital Event Bag for Your In-Person Event

Digital Event Bags were used for in-person events long before the pandemic and offer unique advantages for sponsors and event planners.

What is a Digital Event Bag?

What is a Digital Event Bag?

A digital event bag is a cost-effective, digitally measurable, and sustainable way to assist event organizers and their sponsors in delivering information to attendees. You may have heard them called a digital event bag, an online goodie bag, or an e-gift bag. No matter what name it goes by, it has the same purpose: a replacement for the physical gift…

Unlock Sponsorship ROI with Events

Unlock Sponsorship ROI with Events

Listen to this conversation, as Hopin were joined by an expert lineup of event professionals who have extensive experience with event sponsorships — from creating in-person event activations with some of the world’s top brands to designing virtual event sponsorships that generate quantifiable results.

3X Event Sponsorship

The One Change You Can Make to Triple Virtual Event Sponsorships

We have been through many ups and downs with sponsorship these past two years. Virtual events have provided a way to deliver many of our event objectives to your audience regardless of physical location. The technology continues to improve, and we are all learning more about how to put on successful digital events in 2022. Virtual event producers are still…

Digital Champion

Digital Champions

Digital Champions – All we do is sponsorship. We help event producers attract and retain high value sponsors.

Selling Sponsorships Interview

Selling Sponsorship for Virtual Events

Western Sponsorship Virtual ConferenceFeb 3, 2021 “Larry provides a deep dive into the mindset, assets, and strategies that make it possible to be successful with sponsors in this environment. It is full of specific and actionable information you can start using right now.”

Interview with The Sponsorship Collective

Talking Sponsorship – One on One with Larry Weil and Chris Baylis of the Sponsorship Collective

Here is a chance to listen in on a casual interview where Chris and Larry chat about selling sponsorship, tell a few stories, and muse about where the industry is now.

Sponsors for Virtual Events

The Key To Scoring Virtual Event Sponsorships

The Key To Scoring Virtual Event Sponsorships A Fireside Chat with The Vendry  Tuesday, November 10, 20202 PM ET / 11 AM PT   Moderator: Hannah Foley   Guests: Karen Hartline, Alecia May, Larry Weil, Keneisha Williams    Overview: The positives of virtual events are apparent – access to a broader audience, cost savings (in some areas!), and a huge increase in…