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Our sponsorship blog focuses on three primary topics: sponsorship insights and the tips of the trade; sponsorship news and comments on innovation and deals that deserve discussion; and sponsorship sales because selling is a skill. We discuss best practices in sponsorship.

Digital Events

Creating Sponsorship Revenue for Virtual Events

This post was originally published on the Eventbrite. Read the original post here.  In wake of the pandemic, many event brands are taking the steps to move online. Even if you’re one of the lucky creators who can pull it off and still make a profit, you may still wonder how to recoup sponsorship revenue from your live event. There are…

The Sponsorship Guy’s Pro Tips for Effective Outreach

Pro Tips: Who is Your Sponsor Prospect?

During a conversation with a colleague recently, she brought up a point that I hadn’t heard considered before. That sponsors mostly don’t think of themselves as a “sponsor”. Their goal isn’t to sponsor something. Their goal is to find new customers, promote or sell their products, educate prospects and existing customers, create a buzz and many other objectives. As a…

Pile of Backpacks

Top 9 Reasons Digital Event Bags are More Sustainable and Efficient

Physical event bags are a hassle. We have all been there at one point or another – you and your colleagues assembled to stuffing those event bags with items that took you weeks to collect and that attendees may or may not want. So much time wasted and if attendees don’t want the items in the bag, where does it…


Why I’m an Evangelist for Digital Sponsorship

Event sponsorship is an ultra-competitive business. Everyone says they want more sponsors. The truth is they want more money. Nothing wrong with that, it’s why we are all in the business. I hear from dozens of event producers every week who are looking for help. My first step in evaluating them as a potential client is to review their website,…

The New Mindset for Sponsorship Sales

The New Mindset for Sponsorship Sales

In this two minute clip Larry discusses the most effective approaches to making the kind of connection to prospects that will greatly improve your chances of making a sale.

Using Data to Grow and Sell Sponsorship

Using Data to Grow and Sell Sponsorship

Using data to grow sponsorship is often overlooked or improperly implemented. In this clip from my interview with Dan Kimball the Senior Vice President of Marketing at eventbrite.com headquarters in San Francisco we discuss tactics and trends for the successful use of data to influence and close sponsorship deals.

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Searching for Sponsors? Have you tried these job titles?

The Sponsorship Guy’s Pro Tips for Finding Leads You are on LinkedIn. You are trying to find new prospects. When I enter “Sponsorship” into the search field, I get 13,805,662 results. Not helpful. By further filtering to just the United States and to the Marketing and Advertising Industry we are down to 429, 938. Still, not even close. Using your…

Great Data Wins Sponsorships

Great Data Wins Sponsorships: Where to Find It and How to Use It

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Have you ever completed a form that asks you for your Age, Sex, Race, and Income? Kind of feels like it is none of their business, doesn’t it? Being a 25 to 35-year-old white male is a pretty diverse group. It is hard for a prospective sponsor to draw many insights from that information. Do they like beer?…

How to Close Your Sponsorship Deal With Data

How to Close Your Sponsorship Deal With Data

Not all data is created equal, says sponsorship expert Larry Weil. Instead, he’s sharing how to close a sponsorship deal with data points that are actually meaningful to prospects, and what insights to leave OUT of your pitch deck. You have done your homework and have used insights to identify a prospect that is likely to value your property. You…

Larry Weil, The Sponsorship Guy - Business woman on the phone

5 Tips to Fix Your Call Reluctance and Win More Deals

Would you rather call or email a prospect? Sure, you can send off a bunch of emails, (and I’m not saying you shouldn’t) but we all know the data on email conversions. Has anyone ever responded to an email by thanking you and saying that they are ready to buy? My experience is that you are much more likely to…

Larry Weil, The Sponsorship Guy - Blog - Are you read? Road

9 Tips to be “Event Sponsor Ready”

This post was originally published on the Eventbrite blog. Read the original post here. Rules for event sponsorship success Sponsorship is a $62.7 billion industry. Its annual growth has surpassed other forms of marketing and advertising. With so much spending, your chances of winning event sponsors could be increasing – right? Sponsorship expert Larry Weil says the answer greatly depends…

5 Tips for Cold Calling Event Sponsors and Winning More Deals

5 Tips for Cold Calling Event Sponsors and Winning More Deals

This post was originally published on the Eventbrite blog. Read the original post here. What’s your go-to method for contacting event sponsors? In a recent survey of event professionals, nearly half (42%) said their primary method for contacting sponsors was email. So if you said email, you’re in good company. But while email is an effective tool for reaching out to prospects,…