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Sponsorship Terminology: Activation, Assets & Inventory

Let’s say you have a sponsor. So, what are you going to do? In the old days you had a live event. You know, they’re going to be able to speak to the people attending the event, maybe collect some information, do a presentation. And so on. Now in the virtual world, it’s the same kind of thing. What kind of exposure are they going to get? But not just in raw numbers, who are they going to get exposed to? How does it align with their audience? 

If you were making a list of things that could be sponsored, those are assets. So that could be everything from content on your website to content in terms of doing a webinar with someone. And it’s a lot easier when you think about it in the actual live event format where you have signage and banners. Typically, these are the benefits. It’s what that sponsor gets in exchange for their dollars. But, a benefit is also a sort of outcome. What is it that the sponsor wants to achieve? That’s the benefit and how you’re going to deliver that is the asset.