Team Player Productions Is Serious About Sustainability

Upscale Wine, Craft Beer and Street Festivals Right In Colorado

Brands who are serious about sustainability are encouraged to activate at Team Player Production events in Colorado. Sponsorships are available for events in 2024 which include upscale wine, craft beer and street festivals.

Team Player Productions events are zero waste. There are no plastic cups or water bottles and waste has an 83% diversion rate at their events. They hold sustainability values close and measure and report on their actions.

Team Player Productions has an impressive reach, having worked in cities all over the country, and boasts an extensive database of more than 88,000 individuals for marketing purposes. They have made generous donations of over $990,000 to non-profits through their events, and their staff walks over 800 miles annually on-site at events, showing their unwavering dedication and hard work.

For complete information on how you can sponsor these events, please contact Larry Weil at [email protected].