Specializing in properties targeting $500k to $10M in revenue
Specializing in properties targeting $500k to $10M in revenue

Why you need an experienced sponsorship consultant like me:

Sponsorship Evaluation and Negotiation: It is important to know the true market value of any property or asset.  You wouldn’t buy or sell a home without knowing the market for similar homes. The nuances of agreements can make or break any deal and every sponsorship channel is different. With the incorporation of digital media and content into almost every agreement, you must have an expert on your side to advise and help you navigate through all the complexities. 

Sponsorship Sales Campaigns: Any agency or broker can throw together a presentation and email it out. However, a real campaign starts with the value proposition and includes insights and tactics that break through the clutter faced by the executives making the purchasing decision.  An expert sponsorship consultant can pave the way and open up the conversation.

Evaluation of Potential Revenue from Sponsorship: The most common pricing mistake is basing the sponsorship on cost and overlooking sell-able assets. A sponsorship consultant will take a deep look at the market value for each channel and help create value for buyers in the most lucrative channels.  Not to mention uncovering value in assets and integrations that are frequently unrecognized by properties.

What Does
The Sponsorship Guy

Increase Sponsorship Revenue

We help established properties increase sponsorship revenue 

We help new properties get “sponsor ready” so they can maximize revenue from the start

We help companies identify the right properties for partnership and plan activation to maximize return

Attract More

We improve the alignment of key assets to attract the right kind of sponsors

We help create a value proposition that resonates with prospective sponsors

We create a campaign that breaks though all of the clutter

We help you to focus on what sponsors want and how they make decisions

Get More out of Sponsorship

We help brands get the most out of their sponsorship dollars with smart investments and aligned opportunities

We help brands create activation plans that improve the return on sponsorship investment

We can insulate sponsors from the relentless bombardment of unsolicited proposals


Our Approach to Sponsorship

Review the Market and your assets

Conduct the Outreach

Set the Objectives

Activate the Sponsorship

Create the strategy

Measure the results

Finesse the tools

Report on key learnings


Let's Make Something Happen