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What is Sponsorship?

IEG, a well-known publisher in the $57.5 billion sponsorship industry, defines sponsorship as: “a cash and /or in-kind fee paid to a property in return for access for the exploitable commercial potential associated with that property.”

Meaning that it isn’t like philanthropy where you are supporting a cause without any commercial incentive. In fact, it is the exact opposite – “Sponsorship is undertaken for the purpose of achieving commercial objectives.”

Benefits of Sponsorship The Sponsorship Guy

Benefits of Sponsorship

Foster Credibility

This is one of few opportunities brands have to build trust and establish rapport with customers and prospects, even change the way their brand is perceived. The Key to success will be to align with opportunities and brands that aligns with the values of your organisation.

Build Brand Awareness

Based on the sponsorship assets, a sponsor has a tremendous opportunity to raise its brand awareness and engagement with the key target market. A good sponsorship will provide strategic opportunities to showcase a sponsor’s brand before, during and in some cases after the event.

Engage with Your Audience

Unlike traditional methods of advertising, which are relatively one sided, sponsorship gives you some face time with your audience; the ability to have a two-way conversation. This presents an opportunity increase a brand’s relevance while networking with customers and prospects.

Generate Leads

Attending an event is important but being the event sponsor really focuses a spotlight on you and your businesses, making it easier for opportunities to find you. Standing out from the crowd in such a prestigious manner has the habit of attracting new sales and also new partnership opportunities.

Sponsors Look No Further

We work with brands that want to grow their business and we show them how to utilize sponsorship to grow recognition, adoption, lead generation and a preference model that can compete with any advertising channel.

Crafting Your Sponsorship

With all too many cases we hear that a client has either lost control of the sponsorship or they don’t have enough time to devote to do it properly. We completely understand and that is why we offer a plug and play solution to help clients take back that control.

Bottom Line

We will work closely to develop a winning sponsorship strategy. Whether the goal is to acquire, evaluate, refine or even get out of a sponsorship, we have the expertise to ensure that our clients obtain measurable results that move the needle toward the key objectives.

The Sponsorship Guy Sponsorships

Where We Come In

We evaluate the potential of the sponsorship program

We help to make your sponsorship assets valuable

We build the themes, message and offerings

We identify areas of the sponsorship that can be improved

We create the strategy best suited to you and your potential sponsors

We ultimately generate sponsorship revenue for you while at the same time meet the goals of the sponsor