Do You Need Sponsorship Help RIGHT NOW?

Nobody knows your property better than you do. But sometimes you need a little help, an expert opinion, someone to bounce ideas around with, who is an expert in a field that isn’t your specialty. Here are some common issues we address in our calls:

  • Increasing Sponsorship Revenue
  • How to win sponsorship vs. larger competitors with more resources
  • Successful Sponsorship Prospecting
  • Sponsorship Pricing and Valuation
  • Creating new sponsorship assets and increasing the value of existing assets
  • Creating a Sponsorship Value Proposition to break through with prospects
  • Best Practices in Sponsorship
Instant Sponsorship Advice, The Sponsorship Guy
Instant Sponsorship Advice, The Sponsorship Guy

A one-hour phone consultation with Larry or another senior member of our staff can save you thousands of dollars in wasted hours and effort.

How it works:

  1. Request | Using the form below, send us information about your property to schedule a phone consultation
  2. Confirm Appt | We will confirm a time and date via email. Once payment is confirmed we will lock in your call
  3. Additional Info | We may request additional information that we will review in advance of the call
  4. We Have the Call | Be prepared to take a lot of notes because we move fast and cover a lot of ground

We can usually schedule your call within 24 to 48 hours so you can get back to making money.

Fees: $175 per half hour or $275 per hour.

Let's Get Started!

Attendance, demographics, media exposure, digital and social data.

I would like to recommend Larry, The Sponsorship Guy for his telephone consulting business. I walked in to the phone calls with a lot of questions, and Larry was well prepared to provide the needed guidance and correct answers. In just three, 30 minute sessions I walked away with a solid understanding of what it means to be a sponsorship sales guy and how to build a successful and sustainable sponsorship business."
- Don Woodhouse