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Our sponsorship blog focuses on three primary topics: sponsorship insights and the tips of the trade; sponsorship news and comments on innovation and deals that deserve discussion; and sponsorship sales because selling is a skill. We discuss best practices in sponsorship.

VR and Virtual Events

2-Min Video: Predicting the Near Term Future in Events

Why is VR so popular, and is it right for your event or brand? Larry’s thoughts on why VR and AR are so hot right now.

Sponsorship in the Digital Age

Sponsorship in the Digital Age (Full Presentation)

I have been evangelizing about the importance of expanding your event’s digital assets. It is without a doubt, among the most cost effective and strategic steps you can take to provide value to your sponsors. Just this week, I finalized an entirely new presentation for the ICCA World event. These slides were presented as part of the breakout session “Sponsorship…

Using Email when Seeking Sponsors

2-Min Video: Is Email Still Relevant?

Does email still work? Larry says yes, but only if you use very specific tactics. Hear his tips in this clip from his interview at Eventbrite.

Waffle House

Julio Jones’ Waffle House Cleats Worth $1M+ for Restaurant

Julio Jones may have football on his mind but his feet have him heading to Waffle House. The Alabama native and Atlanta Falcons wide receiver was spotted Thursday after practice wearing detailed cleats with the name of one of the South’s favorite food joints on the side. “The value of this kind of media could be upwards of a million…

Long Term Relationships with Sponsors

2-Min Video: Building Long Term Relationships with Sponsors

In this 2 minute video clip Larry discusses the right to build long term relationships with clients and how to avoid the behaviors that drive them away.

Sponsorship Ideas

17 Creative Event Sponsorship Ideas

This post was originally published on the Eventbrite blog. Read the original post here. Event sponsors are critical to helping you fund and improve the attendee experience. But to stand out in a sea of sponsorship ideas, you need to think beyond brand awareness and create worthwhile opportunities that help sponsors achieve their goals. Before you get to work putting…

Activation Trends in Sponsorship

Activation Trends in Sponsorship

In part 4 of Larry’s interview at Eventbrite he discusses how integrating digital content can add sponsor value for your event.

Man looking at his phone

6 Apps to Increase Productivity

6 Apps & Extensions You Have Probably Never Heard Of, But Will Be Glad You Did. There are many challenges to running a successful agency. The biggest for most of us is finding ways to save time and improve performance. Here, in no particular order, are some of my favorites. I’m sure these would work for plenty of other businesses,…

Innovative New Technology for Events

Innovative New Technology for Events

What are some of the best ways to use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for events?  In this clip from my interview with Dan Kimball the Senior Vice President of Marketing at eventbrite.com headquarters in San Francisco we discuss some specific examples of successful integration of VR and AR.

How Technology is Changing Sponsorship

How Technology is Changing Sponsorship

Technology is changing how events are produced and how sponsors activate. In this clip from my interview with Dan Kimball the Senior Vice President of Marketing at eventbrite.com headquarters in San Francisco we discuss the impact of this technology on events and sponsorship.

US Women's World Cup

How the US Women’s National Team could Approach Sponsorships after World Cup Win

Larry Weil, a branding and sponsorship expert who goes by the title “The Sponsorship Guy,” said that “part of the challenge here is frequency.” “There’s going to be a crest in sponsorship…. Read Full Article Here

Attract Wealthy Sponsors

3 Principles Elite Events Use to Attract and Reward Wealthy Clients

From the Cannes Film Festival to Wimbledon, all elite events share a wealthy target audience. One of my favorite culinary events Once Upon A Kitchen is a great example. It features multiple award winning celebrity chefs in an experience that will attract wealthy diners from all over the world to Miami Beach this coming December. When marketing to Ultra High…