Top 9 Reasons Digital Event Bags are More Sustainable and Efficient

Pile of Backpacks

Physical event bags are a hassle. We have all been there at one point or another – you and your colleagues assembled to stuffing those event bags with items that took you weeks to collect and that attendees may or may not want.

So much time wasted and if attendees don’t want the items in the bag, where does it all end up?  Yes, you guessed it - the garbage and in turn landfills.  In an article by Elizabeth Segran in Fast Company she details how environmentally and economically unfriendly a physical event bag can be.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone - the bags themselves, water bottles and those pair of sunglasses are not manufactured with the environment in mind.

What is an ideal way to be sustainable and more efficient for your next event that offers sponsors a viable way to connect their brands with your guests in a meaningful way?  The Digital Event Bag answers that question.

1 | Less Filling Landfills

Landfills are the destination for items found in swag bag. With Digital Event Bag there is no waste since all offers and information is exactly that – digital.

2 | No Carbon Footprint

Going digital eliminates the large carbon footprint that is created thanks to the manufacturing and shipping of those traditional items like pens and water bottles.

3| Sponsors Pay Less

Often sponsors pay to have their brochure or flier inserted into the bag.  It is generally read once and then discarded.  With a Digital Event Bag all the information a sponsor wants to display is easily accessible via a link and then downloadable.

4 | No Leftovers

A lot of planning goes into an event and trying to estimate the head count is part of that equation. Ultimately, however there are always leftover swag bags that simply go to waste.

With a digital option there are also some key benefits that help make the process more efficient:

5 | Save Time

Time is saved for other important planning requirements when remove the effort and coordination it takes to get all the bags stuffed.

6 | Save Money & Space

Space and money are saved since the bags and its contents don’t have to be stored or shipped.

7 | Smartphone Access for Attendees

Attendees can open their digital bags from their smartphones and tablets via text messages or emails that link to the event organizer’s website or app as often as they want for up to 60 days. Once opened, guest have access to discount codes, free offers, contests, surveys, video content, articles and much more.

8 | DIY for Sponsors

There is no back and forth on getting logos or copy approvals on sponsors messaging or offers. It is all online and the sponsor can create their content directly into the platform.

9 | Lead Gen & Analytics

Online bags offer lead gen and analytics opportunities to the sponsors and host. The promotions in the swag bag take attendees directly to the sponsor’s site—and there’s nothing more compelling than bringing them directly to the point of purchase with an offer. Because the attendees interact with the swag bag online, event hosts and sponsors can get valuable data about those interactions.